Political Advocacy

You want to shape policy thinking or to participate in the public debate.

You want your voice to be heard in Brussels.

Political Analysis

2M will provide you with a clear view of how policy makers are discussing your issue, in other words of what the policy options are.

Contact building

We map and list the positions of various associations and groups and contact them accordingly to build cooperation and alliances.

What is Political Advocacy?

Political advocacy is the range of tools that enable a company, a business association or an NGO to participate in the EU policy-making of the Institutions.

EU community decision-making is a complex system involving the national capitals, the EU Commission and the Parliament.

Of course public opinion and the media also play a role in the system, owing to the NGOs and citizens or consumer associations.

Political advocacy is about

  • Thinking politically
  • Communicating with clear and short messages
  • Taking part in debates and platforms
  • Being knowledgeable about positions
  • Contacting in due course key officials and MEPs
  • Playing with national positions
  • Positioning you as a constructive and transparent partner with the Institutions
  • Presenting facts, reasoning, participating in the policy thinking rather than exerting pressure
  • Supporting one of the policy options on the table
  • Favouring compromise
  • Parliamentary Relations

The European affairs consultancy represents the client in some cases.

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